Vintage Misfits
I'm a pretty open-minded, teenager, I love science, my bands, books and shows but most importantly Josh Hutcherson!
Bands and such: Marina and the Diamonds, The Maine, Sleeping with Sirens, MSI, Amy Winehouse, One Direction, Childish Gambino, Hollywood Undead and even frickin' Disney....I listen to everything

Fandoms: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Divergent, Awkward,Once Upon a Time, Suburgatory,Orphan Black, Freaks and Geeks,Gossip Girl Skins, AHS and Misfits.I watch most things so...


Sneaking photographs,
selfies in my English class
to post on Facebook

Staying up til three
with homework, and on weekends
sleeping in til noon

Watching the clock tick,
ignoring my chem. teacher
the bell will ring soon.

Shoes thump down the halls,
books smash into waiting bags,


Stiles needs to make the team simply because of the things he does with his tongue while throwing


do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system